Accommodation Types

Accommodation Types

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Apartments in London

There are several types of accommodation commonly used throughout the UK. When first arriving in the UK you’re likely to want temporary accommodation, before you find a job. After which you would look for suitable accommodation that fits in with your job, location, earnings and surroundings.

Most hotels will have en-suite rooms and serve breakfast. Some will also offer other meals throughout the day and usually have a drinks licence. Hotels are often a more expensive choice but you will find a wide range to suite all budgets across the UK.

Many hostels offer private rooms for individuals or couples, with en-suite or shared bathroom facilities. More affordable hostel accommodation will be on a sharing basis, with between 4-8 people sharing a room. Hostels are ideal for mid term accommodation, rates are reasonable and you have the chance to meet many more people.

Self catering accommodation is similar to hotels, but self catering provides simple facilities for cooking. Many hotels, hostels, cottages etc… offer self catering options and are sometimes slightly cheaper.

B&B / Guesthouses
Bed & Breakfast accommodation can be found across the UK. Cheap and comfortable accommodation that is usually run by a family, or private organisation. They are smaller then hotels with a few rooms for a few guests.

One or Two bedroom flats are common in the UK, flats are larger then studios with separate bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. They are considerably more expensive to rent then flat sharing. With a flat you will have the option to lease or

Studios are larger rooms used as both a living area, with kitchenette and as a bedroom. Studios have en-suite bathrooms and are much smaller and cheaper then flats. Rates and types, like with all accommodation vary, some studios may be very small, others a lot larger but all have just one room with an en-suite.

Serviced Apartments
Similar to flats or studios with the addition of several facilities such as cleaning services, meals or drinks. Serviced apartments are generally more expensive then flats or studios, often much more spacious and luxurious.

House/Flat sharing
One of the most common types of accommodation in the UK and London, especially for visitors who wish don’t want permanent or very long term accommodation. Usually rents are paid monthly and tenants have 6-12 month contracts. A flat or house with 2-4 bedrooms is shared and each tenant pays rent and shares household bills, including things like gas, electricity, broadband, council tax etc.

The UK has accommodation to suit almost anyone, from apartment living in the capital to cottages in the country. When buying a property you must always use a solicitor. They will be able to explain the procedures for buying in the UK. Note that England has slightly different rules to Scotland when buying.

Do you want to lease?

It is possible to lease for between 6 months and 2 years. You will have a landlord who will require a deposit of equivalent of 4 – 6 weeks rent (in advance) plus a month’s rent in advance. Subject to the terms, and the manner in which you leave the premises the deposit will be repaid to you at the conclusion of the lease. Any damage or cleaning cost will be deducted from this amount.
Remember the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the property. If something becomes broken during your stay, tell the landlord immediately. Then it can be decided how and when it can be repaired, and who will pay the cost, according to how the breakage occurred.

Ensure you are aware of all legal requirements, when signing a contract, such as:

  • Check the inventory list
  • Be aware of any faults and advise the landlord before signing
  • Be aware of what is included in the rent. What about Council Tax, gas, electricity or the TV licence
  • Check location, are you near a bus or railway station/stop

Temporary Accommodation

Another option is that of the Rental Agencies who will have knowledge of facilities available. They will of course charge you a finders or registration fee. You may also be requested to pay a bounty/one months/rental before you are able to enter a property.

Below are just a few:

  • N/S – No smoking
  • d/g – double glazing
  • F/m – female/male
  • s/r – share room
  • O/R – own room
  • PCM – per calendar month
  • C/H – central heating
  • Dep. – Deposit required
  • HW – hot water
  • £75 pwexc – cost per week excluding bills
  • W/m – washing machine
  • S/c – self contained

How much does it cost?

You will need sufficient finance to cover at least 6 weeks in the UK, to cover such amounts as this:

  • Example: Hostel – From £12 per person, per night
  • Example: Flat – £90 to £200 per week in additional you will have to pay electricity, gas, TV licence and one month in advance.
  • Example: Book via us and our partner companies £60-£90 per week


You will need sufficient finance to cover at least 6 weeks in the UK, to cover such amounts as this:

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