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Accommodation FAQs

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Accommodation in London

Where do I get my laundry done?

For many people the first time away from home is quite difficult and finding a launderette is an urgent matter. If you are in rented accommodation, it is sometimes very difficult to get your washing dried. Take it to the Launderette where you can use just the dryer. Most hostel and hotel will have either a washing service or washing facilities you can use yourself.

Links: UK Laundrettes

How much does it cost to live in London?

London is quite an expensive place to live, but when working its far more affordable. Usually new arrivals to the UK will seek temporary accommodation, including guesthouses or hostels for the first couple of weeks. In London you can find very reasonable accommodation for around £10-15 per night.

Once you’ve found suitable employment you can look for something more permanent. Monthly costs for flats, apartments or shared accommodation varies vastly depending on location and style. A good way to gauge prices is to look on the Gumtree website. Accommodation in Zones 1-4 are quite central, but usually more expensive. With good transport in London living further from the city is normal.

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