Finding a Job in the UK

Finding a Job in the UK

Offices in London

Finding a job in the UK is probably very different from your country of origin. That’s because the UK job market, especially contracting, is extremely fast paced, dynamic and attracts candidates throughout the globe. Make sure you get a piece of the action!
However to help you here’s a few simple tips.

  • Create a Killer CV with keywords to promote your personal brand
  • Set up a LinkedIn Profile
  • Implement your personal social network marketing plan (see the news section)
  • Network and talk to as many agency/industry contacts
  • Access the Hidden job market
  • Ensure your interview skills are up to scratch

Recruitment Agencies are one of the main sources of vacancies for many professions but predominantly in IT. Save time and speed up your job search process by getting in touch with the right agencies and recruitment centres before you arrive.

The internet is now a predominant source for employers to find staff, but remember that many jobs are not advertised on the internet. The speed at which job vacancies open and are filled is often critical. For this reason many employers use agencies to find the right candidates. If your not a part of one you potentially are missing out on some of the top jobs and contracts.
Specific newspapers advertising for certain professions (trade journal)

We’ve provided a list of some of the top agencies in the UK. Choose your industry type and visit the recommended agencies and recruitment centres. Get in touch with them before you leave for the UK and find out how they can help you.

Remember it’s very difficult to secure an interview for a job, let alone a job offer before you actually get to the UK. Give yourself a good chance by ensuring the appropriate agencies are aware of you, your skills and availability.

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