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Seeking a UK Job?

Are you here to experience the UK or to gain some valuable overseas experience? Looking for a job can be difficult but we’ve made it easier for you – get help with how to find a UK job


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Job Board Services

Businessman working on a laptopHave you just recently relocated to the UK? This website has been created for you to find all the info you need. Here are some quick links to get you started:

Jobs Board

Search over 20,000 jobs in 30 different industries via the GETAUKJOB Board.

  Featured jobs from network agencies

Hit the Ground Running

We offer a range of packages provided at a significant discount for UK jobseekers

We can help you find that first job in London or the UK quickly at the right rate or salary. If you want to earn money fast and start a UK job soon after arriving, you are likely to be better off contracting. Additionally, this will be the best option to accommodate travelling as you can take breaks between contracts. Permanent jobs typically take longer to get and provide 4-5 weeks holiday each year.

If you choose to contract, you can opt for a Job Search Coaching service . This is likely to cost you about 10% of your contract value for the first contract and give you a no job no fee guarantee. This coaching and mentoring program provides a 92% success ratio and is designed for professionals who are serious about their career development and who wish to maximise their income.

Alternatively you can sign up to one of our packages below or search yourself and use the getaukjob board to find a job.

Get Set Up To Succeed Quickly by signing up to one of our Hit The Ground Running Packages

GET A UK JOB can provide you with advice, guidance and practical assistance so you can arrive here and land the job you really want quickly and secure your best potential salary. Our services, aptly named ‘Hit The Ground Running Packages’ are the perfect way to ensure a smooth and stress free start to life in London. Each package offers a combination of services to get you set up and settled in – and the sooner you are settled in, the sooner we can help you make the most of your stay and all that the UK has to offer!

Icon with letter and plane

1. CV and Personal Branding Service – £600 Inclusive of VAT

The UK’s top tool for professional career success – Kick start your career now with this 3 Day Job Search Consultancy advice.

  • Killer CV Optimised for Google and Agency Database searches
  • Cover letters to help ensure success
  • Job search spreadsheet project / time management tool
  • Access to the top 100 agencies
  • File with sample CVs, personalised CV, cover letters, job search spreadsheet and application
  • Free mail postage address for six months
  • Access to discounted umbrella services with relocation expenses.

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2. CV and Marketing Services – £1,200 Inclusive of VAT

Ensure you stand apart from the pack and get to the top of recruiters’ short-lists. This service provides 3 months support to find your ideal job. Includes:

  • Complete CV and personal branding pack
  • 1 week’s use of our offices and job search facilities
  • 3 months’ access to our job search database
  • 3 months’ BITE TV Job coaching access
  • Bank account
  • National Insurance Number appointment
It’s possible to pay for this service in installments. Enquire here for more info and for payment options.

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3. Complete Job Search Coaching Pack – £3000 Inclusive of VAT

3 months career coaching plus complete CV and Marketing pack.

  • Complete CV and personal branding pack
  • 3 months’ face to face career coaching
  • 3 months’ access to our job search database
  • BITE Career Coaching Membership for 3 months
  • Use of BITE’s serviced offices for up to 3 months
  • Bank account
  • National Insurance Number appointment
It’s possible to pay for this service in installments. Enquire here for more info and for payment options.

Associate provider Britbound provides additional arrivals Hit The Ground Running packs that include: Temporary jobs, UK sim card and a host of social events.
For further information see:

Tier 5 Visa Assistance – We often get requests to help people from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong obtain Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas. We have a special package arranged with Britbound to organise your visa at a discounted rate.
View the package here.

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