Rugby World Cup Opportunities

Rugby World Cup Opportunities

Rugby ImageDedicated to providing Job advice to UK visitors attending or who have attended the rugby world cup 2015 in London.

The semi finals see a big welcome to Australians, Argentinians, New Zealanders and South Africans representing the top four sides!

From September to the beginning of November hundreds of thousands of visitors will be flooding into London for the rugby world cup 2015. This page is dedicated to helping visitors gain information about the many job opportunities in the UK. It is designed to help those that visit and decide they wish to stay and work in the UK. Those who realise the opportunities that are available and wish to return quickly and find work quickly in the UK and those who wish to spread the word on their return home to friends and relatives on how quickly they could gain a job in the UK marketplace.

The best time to search and gain a job in London is in line with the tax years and company financial years: April, May and June and September October and November it’s not impossible at other times of the year March is usually good but avoid December and January can be difficult so moving over for Christmas to get a UK job quickly is ill advised!

Those that have arrived already can see there is a warm welcome in London and a massive opportunity to stay and enjoy a “Great Overseas Experience In London”  as a base and see Europe. There is no doubt it is the best place to be if you are from Australia and New Zealand South Africa and Canada (if you can get over loosing all your games) to finance plenty of easy trips to Europe. The top three are ready to make it to the semi’s with Wales, France or Ireland and there should be plenty of people wanting to fly over and watch the last two weeks of the Rugby World Cup 2015.- 07/10/15

Taking contract or temporary work or working as an Interim Consultant or IT Contractor in London is an ideal way to finance a two year trip to see Europe and all you need to achieve this is the will, some knowledge on how to contract effectively in London and be under 31 with a Tier 5  youth mobility visa. Alternatively European  passport holders are “quids in” and another alternative could be to meet a company while your over here ask them to sponsor you on a Tier 2 visa go home and come back once the visa is granted.

Typically contracts are 3 months long and you can complete a contract travel for a while and then return to London to work on another contract. Alternatively you can re-new most three month contracts and travel when ready or even long weekend to places like Rome, Prague, Berlin and Paris. You may need to apply for and obtain a schengen visa to allow easy travel between most European countries which is quite easy and not expensive!

 Job Opportunities In London

There are plenty of jobs in the UK If you have the right work visa or European passport. If you don’t try finding out how to get a visa :   :  is a job board from our associates that could be of real help to you with 20,000 plus jobs.

Additionally our Associate BITE Consulting is running 4 job search London workshops on Tuesday evenings in October at their Leicester Square offices, so why not go along and find out how to crack the London hidden job market!

If you can’t attend or miss these dates then just send you CV in to BITE Consulting :


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