Types of Employment

Types of Employment

What is contracting, permanent and temporary employment?

You work for an employer through an Agency, for a set period of time. i.e. A monthly or three month contract. Contracts are typically extended at least once.

Temporary Employment
Usually of a short duration, as and when required, sometimes without a contract.

Employed fully by the employer.

Job Search Guarantee Information

How does it work?

We guarantee to support suitable candidates in their job search for 6 weeks (3 months for senior candidates) providing:

  • Free assessment and feedback on your CV and UK market worth
  • Full CV services for the UK Job Market
  • Induction into the UK Job Market
  • Introductions to the UK Agency network
  • Provision of fully serviced office with phone and internet facilities (2 days)

Upgrade to full job search package:

  • Marketing of your skills via our consultants our availability list and job boards
  • Access to the unadvertised job market
  • Physical postal address and email address
  • Full mentoring and support (current success rate 98.5% includes Interview support)
  • Complete ongoing support for successful candidates wishing to contract with full insurance
  • protection package
  • We speed up your Job Search reduce your errors fast tracking you into the job market

Price: £500

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