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Spring time in a London Park

What’s the best time to come to the UK?

You need to understand the correct time of year for your own personal requirements. This maybe affected by the Academic Year, the financial year, the tax year or the seasons.

UK Key Dates

Tax / Financial Year starts April 1st

Academic Year starts at the end of September / beginning of October

Peak times to look for jobs

Historically February and March are always busy, as recruiters are keen to employ new staff after the Christmas breaks and in line with the new financial year. This is usually a time when budgets are released, creating more job opportunities.

April and May are also good for finding contract work as company budgets are often renewed at the beginning of the new tax year (April 1st).

September and October are also very busy, for most companies this would be the half year and following a longer summer break, companies and recruiters are keen to recruit new workers. Both permanent and temporary workers are sought.

The slowest months are December and January, over the Christmas and New Years period. The rest of the year is more stable, but all industries / job sectors have different peaks and troughs throughout the year.


Winter: December, January, February
Spring: March, April, May
Summer: June, July, August
Autumn: September, October, November

What should I bring?

For things like opening a bank account or renting a flat you will need some ID and recent bank statements. You should bring your last three bank statements with your address printed on them. A passport or drivers licence will be a suitable form of ID. It is also advisable to bring tenancy and work references (or if you don’t have these, bring a character reference from a professional & respectable person).

Remember to bring enough money with you to sustain yourself for at least 2-4 weeks, while you look for a job. Don’t forget that it might be a few weeks before you actually get paid so keep this in mind when choosing where to stay.

If you’re like most people you’ll end up taking a lot more back home with you. Don’t pack too much, just a few essentials. The weather in the UK is very changeable, it might be hot and dry in the summer, or might even rain! The more north you go in the UK the colder it gets. Many parts of northern England and Scotland see frequent snow during the winter months so if you’re coming between October and February remember to bring adequate clothing.