How can I enjoy Rugby and Sport in the UK?

Links to help you enjoy your stay in the UK by participating and watching sport at any level, Professional, Elite or social

Obviously Football or soccer is the UK’s number one game with a thriving professional league set up and a massive social amateur and semi professional structure. The season primarily starts in September and ends in May.

Rugby again thrives at every level with a two tier professional game played in the premiership and championship plus a set of national and local leagues played at semi professional and amateur levels. The season again starts in September and usually finishes in April. Rugby 7’s is played from Easter through to August and is now a summer sport.


Middlesex find a rugby club for you in London both Men and Women

Who to watch playing rugby in London

England rugby football union official website

Touch rugby with netball!

London touch rugby leagues for individuals or groups men and women!


Cricket is played at County level in the top tier as a professional game and again at semi professional and amateur level. It is a summer sport played from Easter through to September in most clubs and counties.


Watching cricket in London at the oval and Lords


Netball is played all year round with many tournaments in the summer with leagues played from Autumn through winter to spring.

There is a top semi professional tier played in 1 league across the country and a host of regional and local leagues at every level.

Other sports such as tennis and athletics feature more as a summer sport from April till September because of the reduced level of indoor facilities and the poor UK weather during the winter.


Lincoln Inn fields netball teams and league ideal if you work in central London with regular training sessions , coaching and places available for ringers needing a one off game game or for those that can’t commit.

The Poly leagues have a long history and allow players who have a job in the real world to play netball at a high standard in London and the South East.

Find out where your local netball league and club plays

England netball association official website, follow England or find out about netball in England

Other Sports

The UK Has a whole range of outdoor activities ranging from dangerous sports to sailing and fishing and golf.

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Football (Soccer) Links:

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