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If you’re an international jobseeker looking to find a UK IT job you need to know where to look.

Our associates at UK IT Careers have been helping expats find UK IT jobs in London and the UK since 2010. They were originally set up to help New Zealanders and Australians, but also help other international jobseekers.

Unlike traditional recruiters, UK IT Careers will give you free personalised advice and support. Their mission is to ensure you secure the UK IT job that is best matched to your career ambitions. They will also connect you with their established network of contacts helping you find the best jobs, many of which aren’t advertised.

With a 98% success rate in finding jobs for their candidates you can have confidence they will help you fast track your job search and help you establish a successful UK career.

They currently have high demand for UK IT jobs in a variety of roles (as of November 2019). In particular, software developers, testers with automation experience, devops engineers, IT security experts, business analysts, project managers and IT support. They may also be able to offer UK sponsorship visas to software developers, devops engineers and potentially others with the right skills.

UK IT Contracting

The current UK IT contract market

The UK IT contracting market has been strong throughout 2019. Brexit may be providing more uncertainty, but this is actually beneficial for contractors. This is because companies prefer not to make permanent hires in this environment. Jobseekers from outside the EU are also finding it easier to find work as many EU workers are leaving the UK.

Contract skills currently in high demand in the UK are AI experts. Automation Testers, CAD, IT Security, DevOps, Data, Gaming, GDPR, Java, Oracle Fusion, Software Developers, Solutions Architects, Technology and UI/UX.

Why contract in the UK?

Contracting is a great option if you’re coming over on your working holiday and want a UK IT job that earns you great money and gives you the flexibility to take time out to travel around Europe. See Why It Pays To Contract to see how you could benefit from IT contracting.

How to start contracting in the UK?

If you’re new to contracting, UK IT Careers offer free UK contractor induction training and a range of contractor services. These include free Umbrella Company services, Limited Company set up, contract compliance checks, help with IR35 compliance and contractor indemnity insurance.

How much do IT contractors earn in the UK?

40% of UK IT contractors earn over £500 per day and in the right role and with the right experience you could earn over £600. Visit our associate’s website for more detailed info on average contractor rates

Permanent UK IT Jobs

UK IT Careers also offer permanent UK IT Jobs and to jobseekers with the right skills and experience. They offer a unique benefits package which lets you combine the best of contracting and permanent employment. I.e. flexibility, stimulating assignments and great earning potential with the stability of a regular salary and company benefits.

Current roles available (as of November 2019)

  • Software and Web Developers
  • DevOps Engineers

You will need to have at least 2-3 years’ technical experience in your specified role, however you don’t need to have had any previous consultancy experience as full training will be provided.

UK IT Jobs With Sponsorship

UK IT Careers is willing to sponsor candidates looking for Software Developer roles, providing you have at least 3 years’ commercial experience and speak fluent English.

Check out further details of their sponsorship programme here.


Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa candidates

  • Desire to live and work in the UK for up to 2 years
  • Aged 18-30
  • Have £1890 in savings
  • You’ve gained a minimum of 2 years IT experience
  • You have not previously worked in the UK

UK Ancestry Visa candidates

  • Have a minimum of 2 years IT experience

Tier 2 UK Sponsorship Visa requirements

  • Aged 30+ and/or have already completed 2 year Youth Mobility Visa
  • A minimum of 3 years commercial IT experience

Read our visa information pages to find out more on visa eligibility


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