How to find a job in the UK

How to find a job in the UK

If you’re a professional who is serious about your career, learning how to find a job in the UK quickly is vitally important. The UK job market in the UK is probably very different from your country of origin. That’s because it is extremely fast paced, dynamic and attracts talent from across the globe. To find the best UK jobs, make sure you’re prepared.


Where to find UK jobs

The internet is now a predominant source for employers to find staff, but many jobs (and often the better ones) are not advertised on the internet. Therefore finding a UK job that you really want may not be as easy as it may first appear. This is why it’s so important to quickly identify and meet with useful contacts in your industry.

The speed at which job vacancies open and are filled is often critical. For this reason, many UK employers use recruitment agencies especially in IT. Unfortunately, the UK recruitment industry is vast. There are over 11,000 UK recruitment agencies, many of which specialise in particular industries. Save time and speed up your job search process by getting in touch with the right agencies and employment partners before you arrive. If you’re not listed you are potentially missing out on some of the top UK jobs and contracts.

Understand how to find a job in the UK in your specific industry – even if you focus on UK recruiters specialising in your area, it’s often hard to get listed and prioritised as a top candidate, especially if you have no UK experience. We recommend getting advice from a career consultancy who will act on your behalf to get you in front of the top recruiters and secure the best jobs. If you’re an IT professional, get in touch with UK IT Careers to get some free advice.

Remember it’s very difficult to secure an interview for a job, let alone a job offer before you actually get to the UK. Give yourself a good chance by ensuring the appropriate agencies are aware of you, your skills and availability.


10 Tips For Finding A UK Job

To secure a UK job quickly, and particularly in London, you need to be prepared to ensure you find the right job at the right rate fast. Don’t be one of the thousands of people each year that either undersells yourself or through poor preparation takes too long to get the right job and settles for a poor choice.

1. Ensure you have a current visa with at least 12 months entitlement to legally work in the UK or some other European passport or legal right to work in the UK. Tier 5 youth mobility visas are popular for the under 30’s and provide a two year UK right to work, ideal for working in London. If you don’t qualify for a Tier 5 visa, or it is shortly due to expire, you may be able to get sponsored if you have the right skills. Check out our visa pages for more info.

2. Your UK CV needs to be focused on the type of job you want. Before you start your CV, work out your career objectives and the specific role you want – the more focused you are, the more successful you’ll be. Ideally you need tailored CVs for each job you apply for. If you want contract or permanent, state you do, but don’t say both! It must have a clear profile stating what you want and where you want to work. It should also include your key skills, experience and key industries worked in, with a line on your current availability. You will need to populate your UK CV with at least 6 keywords that are most relevant to your profession so you standout on recruitment database skill searches.

3. You need a presence on social media that matches your CV and you MUST have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. We also suggest you set up a separate Gmail account for your job search and related communications.

4. Obtain a CRM system or create a spreadsheet to manage and track your applications.

5. As your UK job search progresses, keep a record of what went well and what didn’t so you can optimise your approach.

6. We recommend you use an agency that provides a marketing service to advertise your CV and the skills you can provide to the UK or London job market. For example, have a look at the services offered by our IT employment partner.

7. Take advice and research your worth so you price yourself correctly. You don’t want to accept a job and then realise you could be earning a lot more. Remember cities like London can be an expensive place to live.

8. You need to understand how to sell yourself to agents and network contacts. Particularly over the phone and at face to face interviews.You then need to network like crazy. The more people you meet, the better feel you’ll have for the market and opportunities that exist. You’ll also be more likely you’ll get a good lead to find the job you really want.

9. Ensure your interview skills are up to scratch. The interview process can often be more formal than you are used to in your home country. We suggest you engage a coaching service to help you.

10. Don’t necessarily take the first job you get offered. There are many more job opportunities in the UK than you are probably used to. With online job sites and recruiters, it’s easy to apply for multiple jobs quickly and easily, meaning it won’t be long before you start receiving offers. However, remember that recruiters work for employers not you and have monthly targets to meet. They will be keen to fill vacancies quickly and may offer you jobs below your capability and earnings potential. Take your time and don’t rush into things if you haven’t done your homework.