UK career coaching and UK job search support

Job Search Support & Career Coaching

If you are a professional seeking work in the UK, you’ll be keen to ensure you find a job quickly and one that will advance your career in the direction you choose. Understanding how the local job market works and how to approach job hunting in the UK will pay dividends on helping you get the job you really deserve.

The UK job market is highly competitive and more dynamic than many other places. For example, there are over 11,000 recruitment agencies! This makes it challenging to get in front of the right people at the right time. UK recruiters also tend to prefer candidates with local experience so it’s often hard to get to the top of their preferred candidates lists and sell your skills in the best possible light.

Understanding how to market yourself, build networks, and avoid potential job search pitfalls is critical if you want to quickly establish a successful career in the UK.

We have partnered with a UK career consultancy, BITE Consulting, to offer various types of support depending on your needs:

Job Search Support

BITE Consulting TV

Arrive prepared to find your ideal job in the UK quickly and easily

This is a comprehensive series of online video tutorials to help you with your job search. It was initially designed for contractors, but the content is valuable for professionals from any industry seeking work in the UK. As the content can be accessed from anywhere, this service is a great way to get yourself prepared before you arrive in the UK.

The videos include job search advice and guidance on the following topics:-

  • Finding your purpose
  • How to plan your UK career
  • How to write a CV for the UK job market
  • UK job application tips
  • How to work with UK recruiters
  • How to network
  • Interview techniques
  • How to answer interview questions
  • Executive interview skills

Price: £14.95 per month

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CV & Personal Branding Package

Develop a standout CV that will get to the top of UK recruiters’ and employers’ interview lists

This job search support service is offered from BITE Consulting’s central London office. You will have face to face support from a career coach who will help you adapt and develop your CV for the UK market. You will also learn how to pitch and market yourself to find and secure the best jobs.

Included in the package:-

  • A personalised killer CV for the specific roles you are applying for. This will be optimised for Google and UK agency database searches
  • Help developing your ‘personal brand’ – your career coach will help you work out your career goals, what you stand for, and the kinds of roles you can realistically attain
  • Help writing cover letters to introduce and position yourself in the best possible light
  • Advice on developing and optimising your Linkedin profile
  • Job search spreadsheet / project time management tool
  • Access to the top 100 UK recruitment agencies
  • Up to 1 week’s use of BITE’s serviced central London offices
  • Free postal address for six months
  • Access to discounted umbrella services with relocation expenses – as required

Price: £250 +VAT

Special offer:  Our IT employment partner, UK IT Careers, is currently offering this CV package for free to those who find work using their services. Visit UK IT Careers for more info.

Book now – send us a message using our Contact Form quoting the code getaukjobpb18 with your arrival date and availability and we will book you a place.

Career Coaching

Face to Face Career Coaching

For professionals seeking to fast-track their job search and quickly establish successful UK careers.

It can be extremely difficult to find work before you arrive in the UK, particularly in industries such as IT. But when you arrive in the UK it’s easy to get distracted by getting everything set up and familiarising yourself with your new environment. A face to face career coach will help you focus on finding work quickly and establish a successful career in the UK.

Professionals who use this coaching service will find jobs with better pay and better career potential, and on average, will take half the time to find suitable work than they would on their own.

This programme is run by BITE Consulting’s highly qualified Learning and Development coach who will act as your personal career mentor to help you find work and develop your career.

This comprehensive coaching programme offers the following benefits
  • A personal mentor to support and guide you with all aspects of your job search for up to 12 weeks
  • Help adapting your CV for the UK job market and developing your personal brand
  • Help researching the job market in your industry, understanding how to position yourself and determining how much you’re worth
  • Access to BITE Consulting’s job search database
  • Learn how to build your personal UK career network and find unadvertised jobs
  • Learn how to impress UK recruitment agents and get to the top of their preferred candidate lists
  • Improve your interview techniques and success rate (current interview success rate 92%)
  • Help negotiating better terms and earnings with agencies and employers
  • Use of BITE’s serviced central London offices with free phone, wifi and networking opportunities
  • Bank account set up
  • Help getting a National Insurance number
  • For contractors
    • get help understanding IR35 tax laws and how to maximise your income
    • get your contracts checked to ensure they are compliant

Price: normally priced at £5000 +VAT but offered at £2500 & VAT to Get A UK Job candidates. 50% is payable upfront, and the remaining 50% is payable once you find work. If you don’t find work, you don’t pay the 2nd installment.

Special offer: free to IT contractors and consultants who find work via our IT employment partner, UK IT Careers.

Book Now – Send us a message using our Contact Form quoting the code getaukjobcc18 for further details and to book your place.

Online Coaching

Get professional career coaching from the comfort of your home.

For those who are unable to attend regular coaching sessions in central London, BITE Consulting are now offering an online version of their coaching programme. You will still be assigned a personal career coach, but you will be able to access learning materials remotely and you’ll be assigned a number of interactive tutorials and tests that can be completed from home.

Price: £995 +VAT

Special offer: free to IT contractors and consultants who find work via our IT employment partner, UK IT Careers.

NB – to access this coaching, you will need to have an induction session. You can do this either via Skype or from our central London office.

Book Now – Send us a message quoting the code getaukjoboc18 for more info and arrange your induction session.