UK Accommodation Guide inc best UK accommodation sites

Expats Guide To UK Accommodation

Finding a place to live in the UK is probably one of the most difficult tasks when you arrive.  Being new to the country means you probably won’t know very much about what accommodation options are available to you, or how to go about finding and securing your first place to live.

Our UK accommodation guide aims to provide new expats with useful advice and information to help you get started, together with some links to the best accommodation sites and resources.

Our Expats Accommodation includes:-

Short-term UK accommodation guide – if you need to organise a place to stay for when you first arrive in the UK, check out the options provided on this page. Whether you’re on a budget, coming alone, or with your family, this guide will help you decide which type of accommodation might suit you best. We’ve also provided recommendations on the best uk accommodation sites to help you find your ideal place to stay.

Long-term UK accommodation guide – once you get settled and find a job, you’ll know where you want to live. This page provides info on long-term accommodation options, essential info on renting and some useful long-term UK accommodation sites to help you find your perfect home.

How much can I afford to pay on rent? – it’s no use looking for a place to live long term until you know how much you can afford. Here we provide some useful links to UK cost of living calculators. We also provide links to average rents in London and throughout the UK.

Where should I live? – when you’re new to a country, deciding where to live can be challenging. On this page, discover useful guides and tools to help you with your decision making.

FAQ’s – get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, or send one to us yourself